Calling 911 (CLB3)


Listen to the audio and choose the correct answer for the blank in the sentence.

Calling 911

Listen to activity

When you call 911 to report an emergency, the 911 operator will ask you basic questions like these:
• "Where is this happening?"
• "When did this happen?"
• "What is happening now?
• "Who is involved?"
• "Did you see any weapons?"

When you call:
• Remain calm and speak clearly.
• Say what you need: ambulance, police and/or firefighters.
• Describe what is happening.
• Give the exact location (e.g., 263 Main Street, Apt. 216).
• Give your name, address and telephone number.
• Provide more information, if you are asked for it.
• Do not hang up until you are told it is okay to do so.