Job Interview Roleplay (CLB9)

Gap-fill exercise

Listen to the audio, and fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Clue" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
A: Employer B: Candidate

Listen to activity

A: Good afternoon Paramjit. I’m Scott Young, Human Resources Director. Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you too.

A: Please take a seat. Can I offer you some coffee or a glass of water?

B: A glass of water please.

A: Here you go... So, let’s get started. I have a series of questions to ask you. I'll be writing down . At the end of the interview, you’ll have a chance to ask me additional questions about the IT management position you’ve applied for with us.

B: Okay, that sounds fine.

A: First question, can you describe the qualifications, experience, and skills that you have which you for this position?

B: Yes. I have a Master’s degree in computer programming. I’ve worked in the IT sector in the UK for over 10 years. I have the technical skills, people skills, and administrative skills required to manage an IT department.

A: Describe a when you assisted a new employee in your previous organization.

B: Last summer I hired a new programmer. The new employee job-shadowed me on specific tasks. I the new employee to express any concerns about the position and the company during this initial period. I gave the person a few tasks to perform, and then provided feedback and . At the end of the month we had a meeting and reviewed the job description and the responsibilities. My skills had a positive impact on the organization because it resulted in fewer errors and mistakes by new employees. My skills allowed me to bring the new person on board quickly and establish common goals integral to the company.

A: What is your greatest strength?

B: I’m very ambitious and hardworking. I’m currently completing an MBA at McMaster University in Hamilton. I enjoy organizing and completing a challenging project within a specific deadline. It’s very rewarding for me to something that seemed impossible to complete at the time.

A. What is your greatest weakness?

B: Time management. I sometimes take on too many tasks in a short period of time. Then I have to and manage the excessive workflow. I’m learning to better assess my ability to complete a project within a given timeframe before I accept it from a senior manager. I’m also myself with Canadian corporate culture.

A. What type of team member are you?

B: I’m a team member. I like to get feedback from other colleagues, and I like to get inspired by other people’s ideas as well. I’m a good listener and communicator. However, I’ll also take a leadership position on a project.

A. Why should we hire you?

B: I bring extensive knowledge and expertise to this position. I believe I hold similar values as your company. I value a creative and innovative workplace. I a 20% performance increase in my department after a 2-year period. I bring a global perspective to the field of wireless technology. I’m familiar with markets in the UK and emerging markets such as South-Asia that, from my research, your company would like to expand into over the next 10 years. I’m also fluent in 3 languages other than English: Urdu, Punjabi, and Pashto.

A: Do you have any questions about the position?

B: Yes. Can you tell me what is the most difficult part of this job? And what would make the person the expectations of the employer?

A: I would say events that affect the industry would present the greatest challenge to you. Will a new competitor emerge and hurt our market share? Will some new regulation affect our profits? The person who can best meet these challenges will bring creative solutions and ways of working through the ups and downs of the business cycle and unpredictable events that can change the business overnight.

B: I believe I’m up to the . I look forward to hearing from you. I’d like to thank you for interviewing me for this position.

A: You’re welcome. It was a pleasure meeting you Paramjit.