Skating Safely (CLB4)


Read the passage and choose the correct answer for the blank in the sentence.

Skating Safely

Instructions: Read the information below and then try to answer the questions.

A favourite winter activity is skating. But before you go skating on a pond or lake, there are a few safety tips you should know. The ice should be at least 6 inches thick. Never skate alone. Never assume the ice is safe, and do not go out onto the ice after an animal or toy. Always be familiar with the area where you want to skate, and be sure it is well-lit if you go skating at night. The safest place to go skating is on a skating rink. Some cities have outdoor skating rinks. And most cities have an indoor skating rink you can use for a small fee.

When you go skating for the first time, make sure you wear warm socks, a warm hat, and lots of layers of clothing. Most rinks have hot drinks and snacks, but you can also bring your own snacks. Weekends are usually the busiest time of the week to go skating. Weekday nights are usually less crowded. If there has been any extreme weather, like rain, or hail, the ice rink may be temporarily closed until the Ice-resurfacer (Zamboni) can resurface the ice. Evening skating can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Most rinks have floodlights. At night the rink is lit up and bright.